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    May 13-15, 2024 Istanbul (Turkiye) Back

    IASET-24, WCBES-24, IABW2M-24, IEMSSH-24 & IMESH-24

    ISBN - 978-989-9121-38-6


    Prof. Dr. Bulent Topcuoglu

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hemantkumar P. Bulsara

    Prof. Dr. Rajesh Singh Tomar


    Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
    1The Sustainability and Efficiency of Refugee Camps Design
    Safa A. Alhusban, Ahmad A. Alhusban, Mohammadward A. Alhusban
    2Design Optimization of Metal Hydride-Based Hydrogen Storage Reactor Using Fin Efficiency Concept
    K Venkata Krishna, Praveen Kumar Kanti, M P Maiya
    3Mapping Spatial Variability Status of Criteria influencing Crop-Land Suitability using Geographic Information System
    Olsid Mema, Etleva Jojic, Perparim Laze, Ilir Salillari and Stephan Mäs
    4Determination of Optimum Nitrogen and Potassium Rates on The Growth and Appearance Values of Petunia (Petunia Hybrida Vilm) Grown in Pot Culture
    Bülent Topcuoğlu
    5How Does the Implementation of Merdeka Student Exchange Improve Student Competencies? Evaluation Based on The Goal Oriented Model
    Nurokhmah, Nur Hidayanto Pancoro Setyo Putro, Yani Kumala Sembiring, Roni Eka Rahmat and Zahrotun Salimah
    6Learning Graphic Design in The Course Program at LKP Bintang Ilmu Karanganyar
    Rita Anggraini
    7Comics-Based Learning Media Innovation in Implementing Pancasila Values
    Elly Nur Rahmawati, Awang Nakulanang, Muhammad Abdul Aziz, Mukhamad Murdiono
    8Analysis of Citizenship Characters Through the Learning of National Movement History Dr. Ciptomangun Kusumo
    Finna Wijayanti, WIldhan Ichzha Maulana, Amirul Syafiq, Cornelius Bayu Astana, Miftahuddin
    9Formation of Subject Knowledge in The Field of Musical Sound Engineering in The System of Musical Education
    Irina B. Gorbunova, Irina O. Tovpich, and Olga L. Yasinskaya
    10About The Music Training Program Using Music Computer Technologies, designed for Teenagers Who Are Passionate About the Exact Sciences
    Irina B. Gorbunova, Valentina Yu. Mavrina, and Irina O. Tovpich
    11Integration of Art Psychology, Pedagogy and Musical Art in Teaching Playing the Electronic Musical Instruments in the Complex of Rehabilitation Technologies
    Marina St. Barannikova, Irina B. Gorbunova and Irina O. Tovpich
    12Guido d-Arezzo-s Musical Notation and Their Significance in the Development of Musical Pedagogy through Interactive Digital Technologies in the Digital Age
    H. Hiner and I. B. Gorbunova