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    BLLHSS-23, PNMBE-23, BCBES-23, PSSHE-23, PSMEL-23, KRET-23, BMEMS-23, KHSS-23, KEMEL-23

    ISBN - 978-989-9121-33-1


    Dr. Tosaporn Mahamud

    Dr. Hemantkumar P. Bulsara

    Prof. Dr. Deok-seok Seo


    Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
    1Service Quality Development Organization Buses Bangkok Mass Transit Area 2
    Kitiporn Meesee, Suthum Phongsamran
    2Marketing Mix Factors In Deciding to Purchase and Install CCTV Cameras In Mueang District, Chiang Rai Province
    Rungnapa Brown, Watchara Yeesoontes
    3Marketing Mix Factors that Influence the Decision to purchase an Air Conditioner Mitsubishi Electric Brand
    Chakorn Tamnamseen, Dr. Tosaporn Mahamud
    4Service Quality that Affects Customer Satisfaction J & T Express Company Limited In La Krabang District Bangkok Province
    Thanapone Kaewkanok & Suthum Phongsamran
    5Service Quality of the Service Technician Team Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Wattana Company Limited
    Pornprom Kerdchock and Suthum Phongsamran
    6Factors that Affect Decision Choose to use an Intermediary in providing Services Import Model Comprehensive
    Phetdao Minphakdee and Chinnaso Visitnitikija
    7Optimization Warehouse Management of the Electricity Authority Provincial Samut Songkhram
    Natnicha Namprom and Tosaporn Mahamud
    8Influencing Factors to the Decision buy a Dog Varieties French Bulldog
    Nattakan kanjanarungsee and Chinnaso Visitnitikija
    9Factors Affecting Behavior Buying Stylish Clothes Korea Online
    Natthida Kanjanarunsee and Chinnaso Visitnitikija
    10Positive Attitude of Students with Disabilities Towards Vocational Courses in Inclusive Education in The Perspective of Sustainable Development
    Shavanam Kumari, Ragini Tyagi, Ravin Kumar yadav, Prof. Lajawti
    11Determining Factors Affecting Food Waste Behavior Among Young Adults in Bangkok
    Khire Rushikesh Ulhas, Sujarinee Deewong, Adam Edward Bell and Sutapa Debbarma
    12Educating future Computer Science Teachers to use the DQN Machine learning Algorithm with ROS
    Meruyert Serik, Nassipzhan Duisegaliyeva and Aigul Sadvakassova
    13Development of CCUS Project in Thailand: Initiation and Collaboration of Parties
    Kreangkrai Maneeintr