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    March 27-29, 2023 Istanbul (Turkey) Back

    IISEFT-23, CBEMS-23 & SHSSM-23

    ISBN - 978-989-9121-22-5


    Prof. Dr. B. Topcuoğlu

    Prof. Dr. G Mahadevan

    Dr. Hemantkumar P. Bulsara


    Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
    1A Holistic Space Experience on Earth Through Architecture
    Sumana Hossain, Leen Mohammad Waleed, Noor Al Khamiri
    2A Review of Encryption Algorithms in Cloud Computing
    Derick M. Rakgoale, Topside E. Mathonsi, Tonderai Muchenje, and Vusumuzi Malele
    3The Use and Adaptation of System Development Life Cycle in The Organization
    Andrey S. Dragunov
    4Parametric Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Framework for Fixed Wing Applications Using Open-Source Tools
    Bugra Batan, Saleh Abuhanieh, Tamer Calisir and Sahin Yigit
    5On Quantified Analysis and Evaluation for Development of Early Infants Reading Brain Process (Artificial Neural Networks Approach)
    Hassan M. H. Mustafa, Mohamed I. A. Ibrahim, Hanafy M. Ali, and Ahmed M. Rabbih
    6The Impact of ESG on The Performance of European Banks During the Covid-19 Pandemic
    Dussaram Chounee, Dineshwar Ramdhony, Mohamed Omran
    7Exploring Strategic Planning Approach on Business Performance: The case of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Mauritius
    Dr. Vanisha Oogarah-Hanuman and Rakshah Luchmunpersad
    8Exploring the Impact of Common Supply Chain Management Practices on Supply Chain Effectiveness: Evidence from Supermarkets and Hypermarkets in the Retail Sector of Mauritius
    Lomendra Vencataya and Vaishalee Dootooa
    9Hope for the World Peace
    Dr. Javed Yunas Uppal
    10Inclusive Development and Modernisation
    Prof. Dr. Roida Rzayeva Oktay