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    Aug. 2017 Thailand International Conferences Back

    ICMBPS-17, ICCSIT-17, LHEBC-17, IETCIA-17, ICBEFS-17, CM3E-17, AHSS-17, CBCE-17, WMEEE-17 & ICASETNR-17

    Prof. Dr. Kei Eguchi
    Prof. Samy Oraby

    ISBN 978-81-934174-0-9


    Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
    1Competing over Ministers of Religion as Illustrated in P. T. Mtuze’s Indelel’ Ecand’ Intlango
    Zilibele Mtumane
    2Competitive Capabilities of Malaysian SMEs: In The Perspectives of Business and Public Policies
    Siti Nur ‘Atikah Zulkiffli, Maisarah Sebadak, Juhaizi Mohd Yusoff and Siti Falindah Padlee
    3Improving Anticipative Learning Through Entrepreneurial Orientation In Small To Medium Size Enterprises
    Meutia, Tubagus Ismail and Ummi Nurul
    4What Really Matters: Top Traits of an Outstanding Language Teacher
    Shengmei Chang and Nan Zhu
    5Suankularb Palace Opera oriented dance drama of teacher Chaleue Sukhavanich
    Soottinee Somsri, Dr. Supachai Chansuwan and Dr. Jintana Saitongkum
    6A Prediction of Residential Land Value, Case study of Klong Nueng Subdistrict, Klongluang District, Pathumthani
    Sukulpat Khumpaisal, Issarest Weeraprajak and Dechphun
    7Improved Genetic Algorithm using New Crossover Operator
    Joe G. Lagarteja, Bobby D. Gerardo, and Ruji P. Medina
    8Restricted Shape and Abbreviated Appearance based Correlation Model (RSAACM) for Detecting Facial Landmarks
    Kutiba Nanaa, Mohd Nordin Abd Rahman and Mohamed Rizon
    9Drying Kinetics of Sweet Potato Chips in a Forced Convection Tray-Type Dryer
    Leonell P. Lijauco
    10Evaluating the Heavy Metals and Other Pollutions in Major Rivers in Iran
    Siamak Boudaghpour
    11Facile Synthesis of Mesoporous SiO2 Nanoparticles using the Mobility Differences of Etchants for Environmental Remediation
    Yi Seul Lee, Gyo Yeon Byun and Won San Choi
    12Modification of Vacuum Membrane Distillation with Humid-air Recirculation and Double-stage Condensation
    Nitcha Kaewseng, Lalinee Tubtimthong, Monthon Thanuttamavong, Chart Chiemchaisri
    13Comparison Characteristics of Different Synthesis Methods for Production of Gadolinium Diethylenetriaminepentaacetate-Folate
    Retna Putri Fauzia, Iyus Maolana, Abdul Mutalib, Zuhrotun Nafisah, R.Ukun M. S. Soedjanaatmadja, Anni Anggraeni, and Husein H. Bahti
    14Effects of Annealing Temperature and Dopant Concentration on the Structural, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Iron-Doped ZnO Samples
    Saad Abd Al-Rahman Ahmed
    15A Path Exploratory Model on Novel Tactical Synthesis: Paradigmatic Theories on Zeolite Applications
    Z. Llarena
    16Quality of Educational Pamphlet Intervention Tool in Prevention of Human Papilloma Virus Infection – A Pilot Study
    Nazer Ali Abdul, Yen Ping Ng, Sunil K Prajapati and Azmi Sarriff
    17Green Initiatives: Green Methods of Synthesizing Nanoparticles and their Role in Environment Sustainability
    Priti. Malhotra and Divya Mathur
    18Sunflower Stalks as An Alternative Source of Raw Materials in Composite Panel Production
    Cengiz GULER
    19Improve of Power Quality Profile in Steel Industry by Application of Static Var Compensator
    Boonlert Suechoey and Pairoj Kajoijilertsakul
    20FOPID Based LFC in a Smart Interconnected Power System Including Wind Turbine and Electric
    H. Shayeghi, M. Mohammadzadeh, S.J. Seyed-Shenava and R. Dadkhah Doltabad Vehicles
    21Investigation of the Absorption Characteristics of Opuntia in Radio Frequencies
    E. Delihasanlar and A. H. Yuzer
    22Application of Groundwater Sustainable Infrastruture Index on Sustainable Water Management in Yogyakarta City, Indonesia
    I Putu Santikayasa, Perdinan, Chusnul Arif and Yon Sugiarto
    23Enhancement of Low Frequency Oscillation Damping in Multi-Machine Power System using Power System Stabilizer
    Wai Myat Thu and Kyaw Myo Lin
    24Gender Determination of Chickens Using Voice and Wavelet Transform
    A. Banakar and M. Sadeghi
    25Review on Intelligent Video Streaming Schemes for Cloud Computing
    Irfan Syamsuddin
    26Investigation of Hadron Therapy Using Laser Accelerator Compared with Cyclotron Accelerator
    Ali Roozbahani