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    Jan. 26-27, 2017 Cebu (Philippines) Back

    Multi-Disciplinary Manila (Philippines) Conferences Jan. 26-27, 2017 Cebu (Philippines)
    ICASET-17, BMPSCM-17, SASSH-17, IC2E3-17, SBMEL-17, and ACBES-17
    Prof. Dr. Michel Plaisent
    Prof. Alberto J. Valenzuela
    ISBN: 978-93-84468-99-6


    Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
    1Using Genetic Algorithms to Get an Optimal Expansion Strategy for Innovative Storage Services
    Richard Lackes, and Markus Siepermann
    2Abaca Tissue Culture Contamination Grading Using Naïve Bayesian Classification
    Rhoderick D. Malangsa and Elmer A. Maravillas
    3Available of Necessary Health and Safety Requirements in Restaurants and Restaurants Workers
    Dr. Balsam Qubais Saeed
    4Angiosuppressive and Teratogenic Influence of an Edible Medicinal herb, Insulin plant (Costus igneus) in Mallard Duck (Anas platyrhynchos) Embryos
    Abdul Latiph L. Yahya
    5Characteristics of Midnight Libraries: Cases of Thailand National Research Universities
    Sonthya Vanichvatana, Suwaree Tantanawat, Thanit Teawanit and Anuphab Siripat
    6Dubbing Verbally Expressed Humor: An Analysis of American Animations in Persian Context
    Ali Akbar Jabbari
    7The use of Yui language in Music – A Vehicle to Re-creation & Celebration of the Yui Speaker’s Identity and the Yui Society’s Socio-cultural Environment
    R. Kamasungua
    8To have or to be? Examining Erich Fromm’s Inquiry of the Person in the Global Age
    Christine Carmela R. Ramos, Ph.D.
    9Predicting Antenatal Care Utilization in the Philippines: A CHAID Analysis
    Sherrie Ann Cananua-Labid
    10Bible Stories and Poems: Plot, Figurative Language, Theme and Instructional Prototype
    Isaias O. Cabanit, Ruben M. Ungui, Rowena P. Dato-on, Ledesma R. Layon and Nicolas Antigua
    11Figurative Languages in Bicol Literature toward the Production of Instructional Material
    Dr. Noel M. Celeste
    12Teamwork Atmosphere and Employees’ Organizational Commitment
    Dariel A. Palmiano, PhD
    13Food Safety Awareness and Practices of Street Food Vendors in Iloilo City
    Christopher G. Calopez, Chindy Mae L. Herbalega, Cora J. Canonicato, Manilyn F. Españo, and Algeline Joanne M. Francisco
    14Level of Job Satisfaction of the Employees in Selected Fast Food Establishments
    Ma.Rhona P. Beriales, Di-am Granda J. Permocillo, Charlene May C. Bartizo, and Carljan P. Porras
    15The Ilonggo Entrepreneurs of Authentic Delicacies and their Contribution to Tourism Industry
    Analin A. Jover, Jona Mae S. Elpeloa, Valerie Joy G. Guana, Gerry Rose V. Pabay and Sarah Jean R. Superio
    16The Relationship of Moral and Financial Support of Parents to the Academic Performance of the BSHRM Students
    Jenny Lyn P. Dojillo, Julie Balandra, Mark Rey Lebuna and Nico Eduardo Lopez
    17Benefits of the Employee in the Small-Scale Garments Business
    Maria Esther F. Medalla, Ph. D.
    18Livability of Cebu City as Perceived by the Foreign Tourist
    Kafferine D. Yamagishi, MaEd
    19Trafficking in Persons in Cebu City, Central Philippines
    Mike E. Dela Serna, Regine Mae E. Ferrer, and Ferdinand T. Abocejo
    20Extrajudicial Killings in the Eye of the Children
    Ruel R. Parena LPT, MAPA
    21The Willingness of Twelve (12) Different Companies in Terms of Integrating Senior High School Graduates Within Their Workplace
    Earlrich Nerre R. Ibon, Jhantzen Marie D. Chico, Abcde Jedidiah B. Condez and Kylé Andre C. Portillo
    22Raising HIV and AIDS Awareness: A Health Promotion Program for Accountancy and Business Management Students of Congressional National High School
    Jeffrey Alcantara Lucero, MAN, MPMG, MAEd(c), BScN, AHScEd, CSE, RN, SHNC
    23The Social Context of Interaction among School Heads in Calbayog City Division
    Dr. Erwin L. Purcia
    24Education for Sustainability in Global Youth Initiatives: A Stakeholder Approach
    Richard G. Castor
    25Location Based Evacuation Center Finder
    Enrico P. Chavez, Alexander A. Hernandez, Jasmin D. Niguidula, and Jonathan M. Caballero
    26Poweryno: A Household Power Consumption Manager Mobile Application through CO2 Emission Detection Using Embedded Wireless Sensor Network
    Bryan G. Dadiz, Alexander A. Hernandez, Jasmin D. Niguidula, and Jonathan Caballero
    27Guardino: GSM Based Home Embedded Surveillance System Utilizing Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor
    Xander L. Faustino, Alexander A. Hernandez, Jasmin D. Niguidula, and Jonathan Caballero
    28RideExpress: An Online Seat Reservation and Vehicle Location Tracker with Estimated Time of Arrival
    Enrico P. Chavez, Alexander A. Hernandez, Jasmin D. Niguidula, and Jonathan M. Caballero
    29How Can Social Teaching of the Church Improve Social Entrepreneurship
    Marijan Cingula
    30A Comparative study of Economic Sectors’ Typhoon Resiliency in Barangay Bangad, Talim, Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines
    Camille Besin, Kenneth Cada, Jamie De Jesus, Christine Sumaway and Zosimo O Membrebe, Jr
    31Analysis the Implementation of Micro Insurance Product to Farmers in Indonesia
    Annisha Libna Bintang Setiardi
    32Research Competency of Teacher Education Students in Eastern Samar State University Main Campus
    Helen Caliwan-Fuentes
    33The Use of STAD Model in Teaching Chemistry: Its Effect to Students’ Academic Performance
    Engr. Justina T. Lantajo, Ph.D.
    34Sex-Role in Mathematical Dichotomy among Grade 7 Students in Bongabong South
    Marlyn M. Magbanua, and Zussette C. Aplaon
    35Science Education Program in Leyte Normal University: Teachers’ Perspective
    Engr. Justina T. Lantajo, Ph.D
    36Alkalinity of Soil Samples from Three Selected Areas in Rizal Province, Philippines in Relation to different Variables
    Carpio, John Perfect I., Delas Alas, Trina Perpetua L., Furio, Romar C., Lascano, Mary Jane B., Madredijo, Mary Joy R., Magat, Camille Rose F., Miguello, Leah Grace S., Ocampo, Raphael John A., Ruiz, Kimberly Joan C., and Valderama, Christian James P.
    37Students’ Climate Change Literacy: Implication for Climate Change Education in Public Secondary Schools in Kabacan, North Cotabato
    Kristell L. Cacundangan, and May Eva Z. Garcia, PhD
    38Halal Tourism Strategy to Promote Sustainable Cultural Tourism in Thailand
    Piyachat Puangniyom, Nantawan Swangcheng, and Tosaporn mahamud